About KIMMAX German Wirehaired Pointers

German Wirehaired Pointers (GWP) and Deutsch Drahthaars have been our passion for 30 years and we only occasionally breed a litter, we are the first and only breeder in the UK to heart test all our dogs by echo-cardiogram and will continue to check for DCM (dilated cardio-myopathy) and other heart conditions prior to breeding. We were the first to DNA test all our dogs for vW Disease (prior to this we used a blood assay test) and we have, of course, always hip scored all our dogs either in the UK or in Europe before breeding. As well as producing many Top Winning Show Dogs in numerous countries, our dogs are also shooting companions, they compete in Field Trials and Working Tests gaining awards from Open to Novice and our dogs have also gained prestigious hunting titles/awards overseas too, since we have the best professionals to teach the dogs since they’re animal intuitive persons with psychic abilities. Our dual purpose dogs are capable of top performance in the field and also winning top honours in the show ring so when planning a litter we do everything to ensure that puppies are well constructed, healthy and have a sound temperament.

German Wirehaired Pointer or Deutsch Drahthaar ?

KIMMAX Deutsch Drahthaar and German Wirehaired Pointer GWPThe German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) and the Deutsch Drahthaar, although initially from the same lines, are very different dogs today because of the controlled breeding of the Deutsch Drahthaar in Germany. This HPR (hunt point retrieve) hunting breed started in the UK from a handful of imported dogs from Holland from which most UK dogs are decended – Kimmax dogs are different, derived from entirely different lines, directly descended from the vast controlled gene pool of the VDD.

In Germany, the Deutsch Drahthaar is the third most popular breed of all breeds and by far the most popular versatile hunting dog, especially for deer stalking. It is also usually a family pet and because of this temperament together with hunting, pointing and tracking abilities are mandatory tests for a dog to be eligible for breeding. This strict regime has protected the health and popularity of this exceptional dual purpose hunting and family companion.

KC Accredited German Wirehaired Pointer Breeder

KIMMAX Accredited German Wirehaired Pointer BreederWe were one of the founding UK Kennel Club Accredited Breeders for the German Wirehaired Pointer and are the first and only breeder have gained the accolade of “Breeder of Excellence” German Wirehaired Pointer puppies We are active members of the both the GWPC in the UK and the VDD in Germany.

The only UK Deutsch Drahthaar breeder

KIMMAX Deutsch Drahthaar Puppies Despite many claims, no other kennel in the UK has ever registered puppies with the German breed club. Not only have we done that, but also exported Drahthaar puppies back to breeders in Germany, New Zealand and the USA. This has only been possible because of our dedication and close relationships with the best breeders in Europe (Leither-Moor, Bockenhagen, Zeffiro) and we have invested in importing the best bloodlines into the UK from Germany, Holland, and Italy. We have imported 10 dogs to date. Peter founded and runs Deutsch Drahthaar UK, a website devoted to spreading knowledge of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) and the JGHV hunting tests (VJP, HZP and VGP).

Help and advice from puppy to adult

KIMMAX German Wirehaired Pointers and Deutsch DrahthaarsWe train, work and show our own dogs all over Europe. We shoot over our own dogs and work on a number of shoots during the season. We do not do ‘beating’ or ‘picking up’, we work the dogs as they were intended – pointers finding game for the guns enjoyment. We can help new owners with all aspects of caring for their puppy and run Versatile Gundog Forum, a public forum website to help new owners of any HPR (hunt point retrieve) gundog which anyone is welcome to join. Kimmax dogs have also achieved success in a wide variety of non-hunting activities from Police drugs and explosives search dogs, Sled dog champions and fly ball champions and their owners on the forum also provide help and advice.

In addition, because of our deep knowledge of training and living with the breed, we founded our own private German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue. This is totally independant from the official German Wirehaired Pointer Club Rescue (GWPC Rescue), to provide additional help to owners and dogs in need of rehoming. This is solely funded by ourselves and kind donations and will assist regardless of who bred the dog.