KIMMAX is the home of the UK's best German Wirehaired Pointers & Deutsch Drahthaars
  • St George

    St George

    Ch Kimmax Kurious George (aka 'St George')
    Our latest Show Champion & BIS Winner
  • Barley and Sara Jenkins

    The 7th Kimmax Full Champion at only 2 years of age
    image courtesy of Sharon Newman
  • Deutsch Drahthaar

    Deutsch Drahthaar

    The three colours - Braun, Braunschimmel and Schwarzschimmel
  • Kira & Ayscha

    Kira & Ayscha

    Kira showing her daughter Ayscha the way
  • Pauline & Ayscha

    Pauline & Ayscha

    Having a moment in the woods

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