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    Deutsch Drahthaar

    The three colours - Braun, Braunschimmel and Schwarzschimmel
  • Timo & Bliss

    Timo & Bliss

    Scenting the air, ready to hunt
  • Kira & Ayscha

    Kira & Ayscha

    Kira showing her daughter Ayscha the way
  • Pauline & Ayscha

    Pauline & Ayscha

    Having a moment in the woods

Ben Fogle Animal Clinic Kasey
As Kasey turned 10 years old, it became obvious that he had an electrical problem with his heart which, after investigation by the fantastic team at the University of Liverpool’s Leahurst Animal Clinic – lead by the consultant cardiologist, Joanne Dukes-McKewan – meant he needed a human grade pacemaker fitted to save his life.

Kasey became a natural star in Ben Fogles Animal Clinic, who followed him before, during and after his life saving operation.

See Kasey’s episode of Ben Fogle’s Animal Clinic

Kasey, now fully recovered, lives out his remaining happy active years with us enjoying life to the full. Our grateful thanks to Jo for her wonderful skill and advice and to the late ‘Asterix’, another pacemaker GWP, who inspired us to trust in the technology and see the difference it could make to our boy’s last few years.